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People who got into a debt noose very often feel lost and feel as if the whole world turned their backs on them. It may seem that only creditors and bailiffs express their strong interest about what is going on with us. Their actions increase frustration and stress that does not help to solve piling up problems in any way.

One of the best solutions is to use the anti-debt collection service offered by EGIDON Group.

Contacting EGIDON Group is the first step towards throwing off the great burden of living with debts.

We stand on the side of the debtor protecting his or her interests. We care that all the rights, of which very often the debtor is not aware, are fully honoured. We verify carefully if the steps taken by debt-collection companies are taken in compliance with the applicable law. We react immediately if there are any abuses from bailiffs and institutions. All the time, we act as a protective shield providing the support our Clients expect. When possible, our advisors relieve the debtor of contacting with debt-collection companies by answering persistent phone calls and letters. We prevent bailiff lawlessness by instructing our Client precisely about their rights. We care that they avoid any mistakes and legal traps waiting for them.

Our advisors audit the debtor situation and suggest the steps that should be taken to release from the debt or arrange it to be paid in favourable instalments. We help our Clients to mediate with creditors, to reduce debts and to restructure them. We help people who left the country in determining the debt amount and we advise what actions should be taken to facilitate negotiations with all creditors.

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