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The scope of the services we provide is related both to preventive measures that protect our Clients’ interests and to complex debt-discharging & anti-debt collection consulting services. We help Poles in their country and abroad to get out of practically all debt, very often without paying even a single zloty to their creditors.

We are one of few companies in the European market that boasts great experience, operating on a wide scale and complex services.


Only in 2015 we helped 551 Clients discharging their debts for a total amount of more than 174 million zlotys. However, we don’t treat these numbers as statistics but more as a successful end to our Clients’ woes.

Many people entangled in a debt trap don’t even realise that their lives don’t have to be marked with frustration, sadness and fear. If they contact us, they receive complete care: consultation at every step, essential qualitative, psychological and legal support. We give a helping hand even in the most hopeless life situations. We thoroughly analyse every case. We give advice, offering fully dedicated financial and legal solutions.

The persons who contact us may expect total confidentiality and security. All the correspondence is encoded and crucial data is carefully protected. We guarantee full anonymity to our Clients and respect for their privacy.

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