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Financial problems and debt most frequently derive from lack of appropriate knowledge about risk optimisation in business. Business schools, mentors and successful people teach us to earn and multiply money. Unfortunately, very often we lack knowledge related to how to protect our hard-earned capital.

EGIDON Group offers consulting services concerning the company functioning as well as effective organisation management. By carrying out a ‘soft’ audit in your company, we can determine precisely what kind of changes will help you to obtain higher work effectiveness and risk marginalisation.

Our advisors will help to develop proper management processes along with communication and task delegation standards.

The changes will not only improve work effectiveness but also will be turned into elaborating new, promising development paths. For companies starting their business (so called ‘start-ups’), we can build company structures from scratch and implement effective management methods.

Practical knowledge of international law and experience in opening and running foreign corporations allow us to offer our Clients exceptional and very favourable solutions. They involve, among others, tax optimisation and complete company assets protection. The offer and the level of our services may be compared to the consulting services dedicated to the biggest world corporations. The difference is that they may be used by companies that till now could not afford this kind of service.

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