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Adult life in the contemporary capital world is a real challenge. Our social position or material possessions practically always depends on decisions taken every day which very often are difficult ones. Every day we take part in a game where a growing risk appears. Expensive credits, legal regulations lacking transparency, complicated investments…

Financial institutions almost encourage us to raise the bid. There are people who stay in the game but others, very often for reasons beyond their control, lose and strangle in a tightening debt noose. It is a free fall. Bailiffs, creditors, disturbing phone calls, piling up bills and growing interests of unpaid credits…

oddluzanie firm

Your company, which was to ensure a decent life, starts to be a great burden. It seems that there is no way out in such situations. The hope is replaced by frustration, sadness and doubt. Every day that should be a life celebration changes into torment.

But it turns out that even such a difficult and, as it seems, hopeless situation may end successfully. Someone said that money makes the world go round. Maybe it’s true but it should never rule our lives. No human being deserves to live in fear and humiliation.

For more than 7 years, EGIDON Group has been helping the Poles and other EU residents to release from all their debts without the necessity to pay them. We use solutions and procedures based on consumer-friendly legal norms applicable in England and Wales. Thanks to cross-border private bankruptcy, they may be used successfully by citizens of other countries, including the Polish.

Getting out of debt is a process that is held on many levels. On the one hand, it involves legal action and on the other one, it also has a human dimension, which is equally important for us. Every one of our Clients may expect specialised financial and legal consulting services. Additionally, we help to recover from trauma and despair affecting people drowning in debt. We’ve helped hundreds of Clients whose financial obligations were counted in millions of zlotys.

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