Small and medium enterprises are the core of economic development throughout the world.

People taking the risk of running a business, managing companies for generations or taking them over by way of succession face various problems. Every day EGIDON Group specialists solve these dilemmas advising on the most effective solutions.

We provide our Clients with comfortable legal and financial conditions giving them the possibility to concentrate on the development of their businesses. In such friendly and stable condition, the owner doesn’t have to worry about the risk of an erroneous decision that very often may mean losing all financial possessions.

EGIDON Group is a global consulting company. We use original, legal and financial solutions, encouraging our Clients to run projects that create a better world.

We are a company that cares about social responsibility and follows ethical rules – our company is and will continue to be recognised as an example for success. We create a market of equal opportunities through involvement in ethics. Thanks to this, we build our Clients’ trust and our employees’ pride.

We provide our Clients and partners a fair return on their investments through a continuous search for new development possibilities and constant improvement of profitability.

kultura naszej organizacji

We respect and fulfil our obligations in relation to our Clients and employees.


EGIDON Group is a global consulting company that, thanks to using innovative legal and financial solutions, encourages our Clients to run projects that create a better world.


Providing our Clients with effective legal and financial solutions as well as professional services of high quality in the fields of cross-border bankruptcy, anti-debt collection, tax optimisation and assets protection.

Achieving the best financial results, increasing effectiveness and profitability for our Clients and business partners.

Creating a competitive advantage for Clients and providing them with long-term and steady growth.

Educating Clients to change their businesses approach to focus more on the protection of the already attained assets.

Increasing the value of organisation by reinforcing the enterprise of human capital.

Involving the most experienced specialists in the financial and consulting field through creating an exceptional work and cooperation culture.


We work together achieving individual and team goals.

Transparent and honest attitude
We do what is right and we act in compliance with our ethical code. We respect and fulfil our obligations in relation to cooperation with our Clients and employees.

We are results oriented, supported by measurable facts and effects.

We are not afraid to make difficult and responsible decisions.

We take full responsibility for our activities, both for the way we act and for our work effects. They’re measured by the value we contribute to our Clients' businesses.

Striving for perfection
We exceed our workers' and Clients' expectations. The business experience gained throughout many years allows us to act as a competent and friendly advisor.

We always find unique solutions for our Clients' problems. Thanks to that we can increase the company's potential and value.

Any questions? Our experts will answer them.

Any questions? Our experts will answer them.