Our website is protected with the GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Certificate.
In newer web browsers, the address bar is highlighted in green and contains the name of the company that received the certificate. This way, the visitor can be sure to visit the correct website that protects data transmission as much as possible.

EV certificates are available exclusively for companies and organisations. The most complicated authentication procedure must be followed to receive this kind of certificate. During this procedure, the company’s and its representatives’ data is verified.

SSL encrypted connection requires encryption of all data transmitted between web browser and server and this way, it prevents data theft by unauthorised persons. Moreover, data transmitted via SSL is protected with a mechanism for determining whether there was any unauthorised attempt to modify them. It means that users can safely transmit all kinds of private data that requires the highest standards of safety and confidentiality.

All the information introduced by people visiting our website is encrypted using a 256-bit key. A similar way to provide information security is carried, among others, by the biggest banks in Poland.

Web browsers mark correct SSL connections with a green padlock icon that appears in the browser bar. The website address with an encrypted connection begins with https://. In this moment, all data transmitted is encrypted. Data may be decrypted only by the other part of the connection. It lasts fractions of a second and doesn’t require any action to be taken by the user.

EGIDON Group also protects all electronic messages sent to the Clients. We can communicate better with our Clients thanks to digital signature technology and special encryption of data sent in every email. Encryption includes the contents of each message and all its attachments, guaranteeing the original version of a message at the same time.

If SSL certification encryption is broken, the organisation that issued it is obligated to compensate the client to the amount of $1,500,000 (~6 121 650 PLN).

To provide our Clients with the maximum level of confidentiality, EGIDON Group also encrypts selected phone calls to protect them from eavesdropping. We can protect and encrypt a phone call in such a way that the call will be heard only by the interlocutors. When the call is ended, cryptographic keys are deactivated and it is not possible to decrypt the conversation if it were, e.g. captured.


We strive for respect as well as full confidentiality when dealing with customers issues.

As professionals we do assure that all aspects of our trades remain discreet.

Any questions? Our experts will answer them.

Any questions? Our experts will answer them.