Today (the 26th of June, 2017), at 3:30 PM, Theresa May presented her offer concerning future rights of the EU citizens living in Great Britain after the planned Brexit. The speech took place in front of the British House of Commons.

“I want to guarantee that no EU citizen living currently in Great Britain legally will be forced to leave Great Britain. We want you to stay.”, reassured the British Prime Minister.

The main subjects discussed by May included:

  1. Immigrants that have lived in the UK for at least 5 years will be granted a special right to stay, meaning, the same one as the British citizens (right to employment, healthcare, or social services).
  2. Immigrants that have lived in the UK shorter than the boundary period of 5 years will be granted a special right to fulfil the above condition. “The boundary period will be discussed, but it will definitely be earlier than the announcement of Article 50, and later than leaving the EU”, informed Theresa May.
  3. Concerning families, the British Prime Minister reassured that families will not be split, and every family member will be entitled to apply for the settled status. What is more, she said that every EU citizen will be allowed to bring his or her own family to the British Isles.
  4. Simplifying the stay registration system, including the resignation from the obligation to confirm health insurance.
  5. The modernization of the healthcare system of Great Britain while keeping the right to free healthcare for the EU citizens (European Health Insurance Card).

The postulates proposed by May will be discussed by the British Government and the European Commission’s Brexit team.

It is worth noting that for now these are only propositions, which will not be in effect until the final agreement between both sides has been made.